Covers ascent/descent details to all major valley systems in the Upper Kullu, hot springs, weather and snow analysis, religious sites and gear logistics, plus much more. This comprehensive guide is an essential companion for any skier and boarder attracted to the grandeur and magnificence of the Indian Himalaya and wishes to visit some of the greatest ski touring terrain on the planet. After reading this book, you could never contemplate traveling to India without your skis or board.



kullu valley guidebook


* 42 ski tours -detailed descriptions and route information for AT skiers, telemarkers and snowboarders.

* Illustrated with 137 photographs.

* 9 maps of Kullu valley system, currently, the most accurate available.

* 160 pages in total, containing honest, completely independent, opinionated and reliable touring information.

* Advice on preparations: fitness requirements, self-sufficiency, permits, porters, staying healthy, acclimitising and obtaining supplies.

* Recommendations on what to pack for Himalayan ski touring and things to do when not climbing mountains.

* Background on the Kullu's incredible history, geography, flora, fauna, weather and transport.

* Brief suggestions for first descents and exploring remote areas in the neighboring Himalaya.

* A requisite for the summer hiker/trekker as well.

What other ski touring guidebook contains descents of 6000m (19,680ft) peaks and vertical descents of over 3000m ?

Heaven on earth for skiers,  telemarkers, and boarders who like hiking for their turns.



ISBN 0-9581086-0-9







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The World's first ski guide to the Himalayas.


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(actual pages from the book)


Middle Kullu Valley Map


One of the 9 maps in the book, currently, the most accurate available.


B.Mead ripping down Patalsu, Solang Valley


By far and away the most frequently requested info at on the Kullu Valley, are questions on when is the best time to visit. So common is this query and its numerous variations that we're just going to lay it out here, straight from the book. We hope this helps.




In a typical year in the Kullu Valley, the first significant snowfalls occur in October and November. With daytime temperatures well above freezing at all but the highest elevations, most recent snow quickly melts with minor accumulations on the tallest peaks.

Although it is possible to find skiable sections on the glaciers above Beas Kund or at the head of the Jabri Valley, only the most die-hard would try. It isnít until January, when the valley temperature regularly drops below freezing and snow accumulates, that decent skiing becomes attainable. As with other mountain ranges of the world, early season skiing can often be dangerous, with shallow snow pack being notoriously avalanche prone, and inadequately covering obstacles and crevasses.



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